Thursday, December 5, 2013


As lifelong gamers, we own what I consider to be a fairly large collection of table top games. I often find myself scanning the shelves of games, stopping at a particular title, and thinking "I wish we played that more often."

This bit of existential gaming angst became more prominent a few months ago when we had to temporarily empty our our basement storage unit. We decided to take the opportunity to get rid of some stuff, so we went through all the bins and boxes as we carted them up the stairs. Naturally, quite a few of them were filled with more games, some of which we hadn't played in years.

Over Thanksgiving weekend we decided that we should play all of our games. In alphabetical order, to avoid playing all the favorites first. We took an inventory, made a list, and started at the top. We're going to play them all. In order.

I wonder how long it will take?

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