Thursday, July 10, 2014

By the numbers: the middle 40

We're now two thirds of the way through our list, which means we've played 80 games since we started. Well, actually we've added 17 games to the list since we started (and quietly removed 4 without playing them), so the total number of games on the list is currently sitting at 133. But since the blog is called 120 Games, we're going to call this the middle third.

Out of the last 40 games we've played and reviewed, four of them have rated a perfect score of 5:

This list bears out several things that we already knew about our gaming habits: we like adventure games that offer worlds to explore, and we definitely favor games with nice components, whether they be sculpted miniatures or cards with great artwork on them. At least they're not all Fantasy Flight games this time.

13 games in the middle 40 earned a 4 out of 5 rating, 16 earned a 3, and there were only five with a 2 rating and only two with a 1 rating. The two lowest scoring games in this batch, Fight City and High Stakes Drifter, are both games that have languished in storage for many years, and now we know why.

Out of the games that received 4s and 5s, 11 of them were board games, mostly of the adventure game variety that we tend to favor, with Ingenious, Kill Doctor Lucky, and Forbidden Island being the exceptions.

All of the superhero games we reviewed (Heroclix, Marvel Dice Masters, and the Marvel Heroes Strategy Board Game) earned at least a 4 rating, as did all the H. P. Lovecraft themed games (Elder Sign, Eldritch Horror, and Mansions of Madness) so clearly we enjoy those genres, or maybe they're just over-represented in our game collection...

We reviewed seven Lord of the Rings games, and scores for those were all over the map, from a 5 for Lord of the Rings: the Card Game (so far the only CCG besides Call of Cthulhu to get a perfect score) to a 2 for the Lord of the Rings Dice Building Game, a disappointing variation on the better-rated Quarriors and Marvel Dice Masters.

We've been at this for eight months now and we've covered 80 games. I wonder what the final 40 (actually 53) will look like?

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